Swami said ICC Wari of Spritual BRM to Devotional RAAM

Ramkrishna Hari

If my cycle wari the previous year was a spiritual BRM for me, this year’s Wari was a devotional RAAM for me.The success of the Wari and the challenges faced during the return journey has been well documented by the other cyclists and also in my vote of thanks.

Hence, here I wish to deal with my personal experience of this wari.I was not in physical shape at all and infact gained significant weight, but somehow I was sure that with ICC watching my back, I cannot fail. This year they also made me a group leader (how efficient I was is a matter of debate J). Thus I got the title of a dindi leader – leading a group of Warkari in their quest to attain salvation

I prepared a few Abhangs for the road and once again read up the great works of the saints a couple of days before the ride – this dope was enough for me. I did sing all the abhangs I knew on the way to Pandharpur.

I tried to reach early in evening so that I have time to take bath and do darshan without hurry. However things don’t work out the way we plan, it works out the way Vitthu has thought. The Truck with my bag didn’t arrive until 10 pm – but we got a red carpet darshan.

I believe every wari makes a better human being – we realise that our perceptions and thoughts about people are so prejudiced and wrong. Every wari also helps us make new friends which is very important. I see the selfless support provided by ICC team and volunteers and wonder how true  it is “ Kaaya hi Pandhari, aatmaa haa Vitthal”.

The Warikari Sampradaya is the only devotional tradition that is not bound by any caste, region or language bias. Infact it has got the best from Saints who belonged to all castes. The virtue of “Bhakti” overrides everything else. It is based on the principle of “substance over form”. This tradition is the really tailor made for Kaliyug, where we may not be able to follow the scriptures.

I see ICC in many ways, in line with this thinking. They are professionals at event management and can actually do many successful events – but their Core Team has this bent of thought. It is one way of giving back to society and to the Almighty. The ICC core team somehow stands out in this regard. It is said “Gyanadeva rachila paaya” – Gyaneshwar laid the foundation for the Warikari Samprdaya.

I would say that “ICC rachila paaya” to inspire many of us to come out and adopt a healthy lifestyle,reduce pollution and ban plastic. They don’t have any rules – no binding. You are free to express yourself in anyway you want – again similar to the Warkari sampradaya.

The Wari has made me more humble than ever – it has grounded me more- removed any bit of ego I had and I look forward to serve people and help achieve ICC goals.

Finally – yeh dil maange more – Aashadi la Pandhari, Kartikila Shirdi – may be be possible J

Ram Krishna hari