Experience and Vote of thanks by Swami - Cycle Wari 2018

Vote of Thanks
I would like to propose a formal vote of thanks to all the ICC Core Team, Crew Team, Volunteers, 
Technicians, backup support staff who made this epic self-actualization journey possible.
We are grateful to all out hosts – Gajanan Maharaj Mandal, Hotel Mauli Krupa, Shivar Garden for the 
awesome food and the caring nature it was served with.
It would be doing disservice to “The Mauli” if we don’t mention the contribution of Giriraj’s relative 
(His name) who acted as Vaishnava Dhoot by helping us with the darshan of the “parabhram”
Following are the highlights of the Event –
1) Revolution –
We know that the Great Saints like Dyaneshwar, Tukaram, Namdeo etc revolutionize the 
Bhakti Movement. To a large extent ICC has done the same through cycling. It has touched 
people’s lives and connected the masses. How else can you explain 250 cyclists for the Wari 
this year from 24 last year.
2) Event Management –
Professional event planning and execution was anyway the hallmark of ICC events. However 
to pull off something where the route is not a loop and that too with 250 cyclists was 
nothing short of a miracle. The “cycling jersey” instead of a T-shirt was a masterstroke. The 
registration fee was minimum – in fact, we wonder how they managed it financially.
The Warkari Sampraday and Hari Paath promises 4 kinds of salvation for all who utter his name – 
Salookya (Vaikunt) Samipya (close to God) Saroopa (Almost like Him) , Sajujya (Become God/merge 
into Him).
Similarly, ICC promises to transform the masses in its own way – Just trust them and get involved in 
this unforgettable experience.