Swapnil Tayade Full Story - Pandharpur Cycle Wari 2018

Finally.. Nailed it. Much awaited event. 
Flash back - 
Practised planned and everything was going perfect until last moment health issues popped up. Visited Dr. Hemant Ratnaparkhi (gastro surgeon) on Wednesday 04th July and told him to about ICC wari - cycling event and target to cycle 230 kms on 7th july. He straight away denied and said that you might have to go for surgery in case you do this. I asked him to give oral pain killers and let me take a call. He replied in one sentence -  "Sir Salamat toh Pagdi Hazzar". I was extremely disappointed and told Nikhil, my younger brother. He was also unhappy to hear the news. I immediately started medication and took leave from office for Thursday. Then went for bib collection. I was already appointed as Group lead and so thought to meet Ajit Patil and tell him about by issue. Planned to make Nikhil as Grouplead and made him admin as well in newly formed whatsapp group on 11 members S-group wari. Somehow i did not gather the courage to tell this and thought of taking this as challenge and fight till the event day. I did not want to miss this event at any cost. Specially when Ajit called and asked me take responsibility of Group lead. I took leave on friday and rested complete day. Slowly started packing bag and made cycle ready. But my confidence level was zero. Then Nikhil texted me and encouraged me. He repeated the dialogues of Sanju movie. "Tiger hai tu.. Tiger.. Roar". This. Increased my confidence and i listen to the song, "kar har maidan fateh" several times during the day. My wife Suvarna was also not confident of i could do. But to motivate me, she asked me to participate and if i am unbale. To do first 50kms then get in backup vehicle. Late Friday night we called Ganesh Bhujbal sir and handed over lugguage at his Nigdi residency. While returning back home also i was nit confident to even reach Hadapsar. I asked Nikhil to change starting point to hadapsar instead of Nashik fata but somehow that was not possible. Woke up at 3 and started for Nashik fata at 3.30, decided to take a call until i reach hadapsar.
But the moment i reached hadapsar and saw the enthusiasm in the crowd, complete forgot my pain and rode the bike.. Literally roared like a tiger until we reach Pandharpur.
That's the power of almighty. When he calls..nothing can stop you.
Jai Hari Vitthal