Conquest De Goa ( India's Longest Solo stage race) by Deepak Naik

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Conquest De Goa
One a kind race to the beautiful place, would like to pen down few words along.

It was an amazing race with loads and loads of energy from the participants as well as the super volunteers.
I would really like to appreciate the participants on taking up on a such an uphill and grueling task and the happpiness and content was everyones face when the race was completed.

Amazing stories of each of the participant truly unique and equally amazing ,

like Prashant Tidke sir , who had issues with the gear shifters making him ride the bike as a mono gear but the grit and determination to complete the race was just awesome.

Next is Shankar Unecha whom I know from quite a long time but the way he had transformed , He was the only rider with MTB but his commitment and strong zeal to complete the race was truly remarkable, the energy , the exuberance was mind boggling.

The little master Akshay Sangle , a 10 Year kid who had a heart of lion pushing the limits and setting up very hig standards at such a tender age, Just Amazing , carrying the beautiful smile all along, great feat ...!!!

The race leaders Aditya and Akshay and Karthik were so fast , we being on bullet couldnt catch up till the end of day 1, and Day 2 was no different with Aditya and Akhay we had to be on our toes and hardly had any breaks if we had to keep up with them, just superb works guys hats off to your speed and power.

Rohan Mhatre another young man who had just started cycling 4 months ago but was riding like he has been doing this for years, it was great to see him ride.

Paritosh Mohite , Vishi , Tushar Bhoite and Ajit Mane had cramps and issues with knees and legs but they just kept going on and on it is this kind of determination which makes you say WOW, it is a source of inspiration for all of us.

Bipin , Gyanendra , Yogesh Borkar and Saurabh were so easy on the eyes, they were just going along so nicely as if nothing was bothering them , amazing to see such fluidity in riding.

Shankar Gadhve who is also a great transformation story , he too had that inner zeal to ride and complete the race and the determination to not quit at all, Nve work..!!

The Volunteers were just as amazing as the participants taking care of the participants and every nook and corner.
Biker gang runing to and fro, Avinash Chougule, Ajit Patil, Ajit Gore, Amit Kharote riding across the participants amazing job..!!
and unforgettable experience on the bikes, especially for Ajit Gore who is never going to forget to double check his alarms... :)

Haji, Ajay , Prashant Tayade, Abhay guiding and helping riders thru pune to Katraj so early in the morning ...kudos..!!

The control point volunteers were of full energy helping and cheering all the participant along the way.
Satara control point guys were the talk of the town as it helped the participants greatly and helped them a long way..!!

The ladoos at sai internation by Ajits brother were too good , cannot compare it with anything really.

The hospitality and Support by Goa Cycling was Superb, the location was Superb,  the ending was Superb ...!!

Vishal and Ganesh Bhujbal were always on the toes to reach the assigned control points to ensure hydration and eatables were always available before time at every location.

Gaju along with Aniruddha, Faisal and team from Decathlon were always there for any tech support needed.
Abhi and Yatish joing the team next day boosting the energy of team ...!!

Compiling the memories over 3 days in a short post... sorry if i have mised anyone.

Signing off from team ICC , Cameraman Deepak Naik ke sath.