'गिरी शंभर' , कधी न विसरणारे (Story of 1st Century Ride with ICC)

Story of First Century Ride 100km

Before reading my blog, I just want to tell you that today first time I have achieved 100km with good average speed and marked my 1st Century Ride.

Event schedule for 16th April Sunday by Indo Cyclist Club,

Start point Ravet (5.30am) Basket Bridge to Kamshet.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Riders: Giri, Ajit, Gaju, Deepak, Anushe, Rohit, Gunvant, Avinash, Akshay, Sanjay, Shoil, and lovely bikes.

Ride Story ( Century Story ):

Already team participated in ICC Run for Fun on Saturday a day before, still the thirst and love towards can't stop the ICC active members to create event for Sunday morning. And see we got event notification and all set ready. Ride route finalized for Ravet to Kamshet or can extend to Lonavala. Around 60 plus km for each individual. I took this opportunity and thought to plan for my first 100km ride. On Sunday morning even for this ride my alarm ⏰ not triggered and lost my time, at 5 am was ready with all my cycling gears and message to group members as they all want to support my 100km ride. I was little nervous at start. Some how I reached Stat point and team members waiting for me, even they won't start with out me and others who little late. Great team start by ICC. 

Gaju took a call to start from RB we started. Me and Akshay was just following Sanjay Patel, even too boost us a lot at start. Deepaks cycles light glow entire ride in the low light morning.

When ride some distance Gaju got few Riders and runners, and am sure now they are also ICC members. Well done Gaju sir !!

As I said I was in front group , at some distance after Talegaon I got distance gap from Sanjay-Deeps and was able to see only Akshay. Then I increased my speed and at some point all they were visible for me still 1km distance is the gap for me. I don't see others as they are enjoying ride with low speed and coming with Gaju.

Finally we reached Rangoli Hotel at Kamshet.

All gathered, we took pics too. Then what next....Yes breakfast and tea. 

We just occupied the restaurant tables, in between Ajit Patil , Gunvant Kute ,  Ashish. and Avinash joined.

We all individually ordered #Idli, #Batatawada, #Meduwada, #sambhar few asked for mix too. It was great team meet, discussed on cycling and team members few jokes and stories. Ohhh sorry we also asked Ajit Patil favorite 'Parle-Biscuits' , today team said Tea was not good. Hence Gaju asked for discount.

All were suggested me to go Lonavala which is just 15km from Rangoli Hotel, I don't have that much confidence at that moment, then Ajit Patil asked Gunvant to join with me for completing and boosting 100km. Then all members discussed and created route for me and Gunvant, they advised we all go till Somatane Phata and from there me and Gunvant to take shirgaon route via marunji to Ravet. 

We all took few selfie and group pics, yeah we Avinash. Who has small wide angle camera, good gadget for trekkers and cycling he said.

We started I took good speed by targets. In between ride till Talegaon Ajit Patil always boost me 'गिरी शंभर' , कधी न विसरणारे Boosting Words. Thank you sir.

Then we me and Gunvant take turn for Shirgaon route for best 100 ride. Too much heat waves , sun on top like watching and laughing and might be thinking कसली ही ICC ची रायडर्स येवढ्या उन्हात फिरतात, चला यांना सावली देतो, then we got good shadow for around 5km. We took break for लिंबू पाणी & filled water bottles. Then we were on Hinjewadi Marunji route. Gunvant asked me to check distance covered, it was just 78km only, we were still need 22km till home, which was short of 12km, then we went through Kiwle and Ravet Bridge. We took pics of ours and change our routes , as we stay at different locations. I just told Gunvant Big thank you and we started our way. 

When I reached Bhakti Bhakti strava stopped and I got to know after 5km...That was frustrating moment. Then I change again my route to achieve 100km. Yes I did and reached home...Wow feeling. Saw message from Gunvant too, he too reached safely. No injuries no harm no dammages. Great Ride. 

Exactly at 100.2km and stopped strava at home entrance, see how ICC cares for us I got call Ajit Patil , Gaju and I told him I reached and fine, he just congratulate me. 

Thank you ICC. You all made my day.

I am done, my mom prepared yummy lunch. I enjoyed. My bro took my bravoo cycle pic. I posted too. Thanks to my family who always support me.

Finally I dedicated my first Century Ride to #indocyclistclub because of them it's possible.

Also if anything wrongly stated or hurts from the blog, Big Sorry.