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Indo Cyclist Club Daulthon Event ( Cycling & Running ) - Giri's Blog

Before you go and read my blog, I just want to share that today by attempting this event i have completed:

First time Dualthon

First time crossed 400+ km rides in single month.

First time average speed 24kmph on hybrid

First time 5km effective running

First time ride to Pune university with ICC members

Event starts at 5.45am from as usual icc favorite start point Ravet Basket Bridge (tilak bridge). 

Riders: Around 25 plus today who joined from different in between location till Pune University campus. Like dange chowk, baner and aundh. With lovely bikes

Ride Story:

Event created on fb whatsapp a week before with great planning. Published and Riders started personal planning to make themselves available for the Dulathon....Yes it's not Cycling...You need to run too....Else you need to sponsor breakfast..Just kidding. Yes Cycling to Pune university and running inside campus around 5km or 10km was the concept.

I did 50 plus Cycling and 5km Running. Others too in similar pattern as per their routes.

Most important is one female Cyclist Poonam. joined with us from ravet till end. She very well completed het Dulathon today. Very nice ma'am.

Few new members like football coach, and one interested member who joined performed well with his MTB bike and he said he got that bike as gift from his boss, at that time most of us thinking " काश ऐसा बॉस हमे भी मिलता " . Also I observed 2-3 road bikes in our ride, they too maintain their speed with other MTB or hybrid or normal bikes. Team work.

Finally we reached Pune University entrance, in 5 to 10min all joined and took group pics , selfie and this time small video too. We have Ajay C with his wide angle camera.

We all parked our cycles at university parking. And what next भाई अभी भागणा और भागांना है । teams started running in groups as per their pace, yes am in first group, no no am in last group of 3 members ( अजित अभिजीत zoib) . Really fun for run or vice versa , many cyclists runners walkers joggers we saw inside campus, cannot imagine inside pune such green scenery campus maintained. Must visit once if not, it gives real cardio running loop too, as per अजित 

As first time I tried such concept of Cycling plus Running, my thighs getting locked while running, my companion ajit gives me tips how to run and prepare for marathon runs. Slow and steady will win the race, proved at end.

During last 1km left, all reached at finishing point and I was the only left at last, you can't imagine i got a huge clap at finishing point am feeling like winner, want to have my pic at that moment but unfortunately Kapil Patil tried to record it and not saved well. Next time pakka he said.

Then we all start for पेट पूजा yes breakfast at pune university canteen. We all gathered and in sometime 10km loop running members joined us at canteen.

Before having breakfast we got good stretching session from Ajay one of our marathon runner cyclists. अच्छा था लेकीन पहिली बार किया तो मुश्कील गया

We had puneri poha and tea biscuits, as usual sponsor by ICC from there team funds.

Post to breakfast introduction session started, all telling about their experiences about Cycling Running. Youngest member Mohan Karpe sir shared few health benefits about Cycling and how they reduced high cholesterol without medicine in short period. Nice interactive session. Thanks ajit and gaju.

Special thanks this time to you all readers Riders runners members who spend time in reading my world's boring blog.

Many more to come, with new concept, help your selves, promote #indocyclistclub who is doing this for us, help as volunteer, and serve the society with gogreen vision.





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