Active ICC Ride - Cycling Swimming at Jadhavwadi Dam (Induri Village)

ICC Cycling Swimming Ride - My blog. #giriblog

Event notification received and interested members confirmed for Sunday ICC Active Ride for May.

Type: Dualthon

Category: Beginner to Expert with safety equipment as mandatory.

Ride starts at 5.30am from Ravet Bridge, ICC energy filling station for any Ride. I was the first who reached at start point and then all assemble. Vishi took a call to start the ride. Route was known to most of the members due to multiple rides at Bhandara Dongar sprints. 

Cool fresh air, no traffic, all set well, like gods gift. When entered military area we salute to all soldiers who were on duty at different checkposts. While on Ride i first time meet with Abhi one of the active core members of ICC. Nice interaction with him. Then kamal joined with me and we both at leading front, i got great running sprint tips, how to improve and all, thanks brother.  At then we entered the induri village then am still at leading front, uphills too, vishi joined ... We reached to that Dam.... But till next 15 min no one came, we thought some issues for sure. Vishi called and got to knew that bad news, Deepak Naik cycle chain slipped and rear gear equipment broken.... All helped and reached to Dam....

What next swimmers ready ,Beginners were showing more interest, all equipped with swim suits and started swim sprints. One important thing Ajit Naik brought 2 car tubes which don't have air, team efforts again to fill air.

Swimming started, i took responsibility to take pics. In between Gaju left as he want to attend some function, otherwise he never left. We missed him. 

Ajit Vishi Abhi Haji Kamal all in full swing. Great water rides.

Me sanjay and deepak wr started early from Dam to home, as deepak won't be able to Ride his cycle, we asked help from village 2 wheeler boy, Deepak hold his cycle and somehow reached highway, me and sanjay just behind. At highway we asked few helps but no success as such. Then I called my brother Rahul who is still at home around 20km from where we were on highway, he came on his 2 wheeler and again deepak hold cycle with happy face, i just click that happy moment of him.

They reached my and me too just 10min after them. Then we had homemade breakfast and he visited first time my home, hence family introduction done. Then I took my car and I just dropped him at him home , nothing far. All set fine. From this i learnt that cycle is machine anything can comes wrong to machine anytime, we must mentally ready to face this.

Slowly getting posts on whatsapp of all team members about their rides, but they not able to post, reason is they don't have pics, most of taken by me, i shared and also I took Swimming Video , nice attempt.

I completed my 65km with around 21kmph speed. Feeling happy.

I am done, if you have anything please comment on my blog on FB. You click like, but kuch likh bhi diya karo ad comments.

Great motivation with #indocyclistclub.