Active ICC Ride - Bhandara Hill (9th April 2017)

On Sunday April 9th - ICC Active Group Ride (Blog By Giri)

Difficulty Level: Medium

Total Distance: 50 km with 4.5 km high hill ride

Riders: ICC Active Members around 20+ participated.

Ride Story:
On Saturday we got message from core team Ajit Patil about Sunday ride. I set my alarm  for 5am. I was little nervous that I would able to join this or not as I went for the party on Saturday night and back little late. Thanks god I wakeup on time and seems I have not calculated the distance to reach the starting point of Ravet Basket Bridge of 6am. Somehow I message to the team at 5.30am and I reached by 5.56am, still I gain 4min, it was happy moment for me as I covered 12km, however no one present there except 4 members who want to go early with different route (Sanjay, Avinash, Ashish, Zhoib). Then they left and I was waiting for others till that time Harshad, Gaju, Rohit, and others joined us. Then group leader Gaju took a call to start and wait on nearest checkpoints. We agreed and moving accordingly. As usually morning joggers and walkers watching us and us best wishes. When reached highway junction others joined. Again we regrouped and started ahead. At that moment I was watching with my eyes the most decepline part of ICC Riders, all following rules and moving in single lane. Great wow !!! Then Gaju stop at some point and helping all of us to cross the road. We went to Indian army developed road and train gates, that route was awesome. I took one picture where sign board mentioned to restrict the speed not above 20kmph, we all were smiling and saying thank God if Vishi could present for ride then he had to return back,
In between one of rider hit by one tempo and he got injured. We stop at some point and villagers provided turmeric powder, that helps him.
We again regrouped and reached to base of Bhandara Dongar. Then Gaju and Ajit asked all of us to lower the Gears and move in zigzag on mountain road. I was following only the great rider Harshad, his bike and his efforts like Man of the day. Hatsoff you Sir !
Me and few were tired and give up and some one ask to sit-up and hit the peddle. Boost up again started. Kapil help me to pull the chain on wheels.
Finally we reached at top. All feeling like winner, Deepak Ajay and others who reached early took pictures of us, thank you guys.
I this ride I met 2 Riders who belongs to my hometown Dhanraj and Kamalkishor, see world is too small and here is the example.
We took darshan at Tukaram maharaj samadhi on top and started to go down. In between Sanjay and others joined us.
We all took tea biscuits at base, post to this prize distribution program for last month goes to Sanjay and Tushar. Then Ajit and Gaju explained ICC Active rules and benefit. Thanks.
Then all started back, I choose Dehu village road and reached home, total 50 km in 2 hrs 50 min moving time.

Author : Giriraj Umrikar


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