ICC Wari 2018 Information


ICC Wari 2018 Information

Here are the details of Wari 2018,

Route Map

Day 1 : Pune to Pandharpur


Day 2 : Pandharpur to Pune


Things to carry by every Participant 

Helmet is compulsory without helmet we will not allow any participants to take a part in cycle wari.

1. New 2 Extra Tube 
2. Puncture Kit 
3. Hand Pump
4. Hand gloves
5. Two Bottle holder and bottles to carry at least 2lit of water 
6. Front and back light work for 5 to 6 hr need morning and evening 
7. Power bank good capacity as may be not have enough charging point at Pandharpur stay 
8. Energy bar , chickki , dry fruits etc 
9. Electrol
10. One Pair of extra dress for stay at Pandharpur
11. Extra cycling short for both way optional
12. Any medicine  if required to you
13. Carry water proof cover to protect mobile and valuable belongings.
14. ID proof (anything like Adhar card, pan card, election card, driving licence etc need at stay for verification)
15. Keep some money.
16. Apply massage oil or diaper rash cream at under arms before and post ride.
17. Pls carry Cycle Lock
18. Please take odomos cream
19. Please bring small Blanket or  shawl or chader ( other Beding will be provided Bed Bedsheet pillow)

20. Reflector jacket 

We have vehicle to carry your extra clothes required for  stay at Pandharpur but request all to bring minimum extra luggage and do not bring any valuable with you organiser will not responsible for any loss.

Get your cycle serviced in advance of event date 

Regarding food arrangement we have made common food arrangement to all participants in very reasonable price 

1. One way member need to pay Rs 100 for food arrangement which include breakfast lunch and dinner on 7th July 

2. Bothway participant need to pay Rs 200 which include breakfast lunch dinner of 7 July and breakfast and lunch of 8th July 

Lunch and dinner are simple veg food.

*Every participant need to pay food contribution money while collecting bib*

Group Leader Infromation 


SR No BIB Number Full Name  Mobile Number 
1 A-221-GL Dr Dhanraj Helambe 8793156113
2 B-232-GL Ajit Mane 9922401727
3 C-243-GL Sandeep  Awachar  9922927088
4 D-254-GL Swaminathan Srinivasan 9689525921
5 G-265-GL Amit Chaure 9766596066
6 E-111-GL Amit B Tupe 9922033232
7 F-121 -GL Vijay Rajgude 9096344222
8 H-276-GL GIRISH KULKARNI 9372435359
9 J-287-GL Rohit Kshirsagar  9881376070
10 K-300-GL Sangramsinh Patil 9822681657
11 L-311-GL Shridhar Tambade 8983808989
12 M-321-GL Tushar Shah 8793353324
13 N-131-GL RUSHIKESH BORKAR 9619595395
14 P-142-GL Avinash  Patil 9765439934
15 Q-152-GL Omkar  Prabhudesai 9881257639
16 R-163-GL Satish Kurpad 9922893988
17 S-174-GL Swapnil  Tayade  9158488588
18 T-191-GL PREETI Maske  9371233184


Contact Number of Doctors available with us to help of any emergency 
Plese Note - All these Doctors are participant for this Wari

Full Name  Mobile Number 
Dr Akshay Choudhary 8793401012
Dr Dhanraj Helambe 8793156113
Dr Rakesh Jain 9371061063
Nilesh Kurwale 9970455277
Subhash Kokane 9822291506
Dr Hemant  Nagare 9421569970
Nilesh Kulkarni 9822523300
Dr Sameer Phanse 9881659636


Vehicle Details 

Marshal Car 1  MH 14 EY- 4445   Sushil More 9823028979
  Group Bags to Deposite  Contact Number 
Truck No 1  MH 14 - DM - 8471  A B C D E F  Rohan Gan - 9987012135
Truck No 2  MH 14 -  F -7774   G H J K L M AbhayKumar Magadum - 9890400589
Truck No 3 MH 04 BG 8361  N P Q R S T  Mohit Devare - 9049868109
Technician Number      Aditya Padhare - 7709896255

Any queries regarding food please contact @Ajit Patil or @⁨Gaju Khaire⁩  personally

Day 1 Schedule 

Day 1 Schedule


Day 1 - Hadapsar Assembly Location

Hadapsar Meeting Point

Day 1- Hydration Point 1

Annapurna Hotel (next to Urali Kanchan)

Google Lococation

Day 1 - Breakfast Location
Shree Gurudatta Vadapav Center at Chaufula

Day 1-  Hydration Location 2

Hotel Shree Bhadalwadi


Day 1 -  Lunch Location

Hotel Mauli Prasad   Indapur Bypass Road

Hotel Mauli Prasad

Day 1- Hydration Point 3
Hotel Vijay in front of Reliace Petrol Pump 


Day 1 - Hydration Point 4
Hotel Mauli in front of HP petrol pump


Day 2 -  Hydration Point 1

Velapur near Indian Oil Petrol Pump

Day 2 Route and Schedule 

Day 2  - Breakfast Location-
Hotel Pahunchar Natepute

Day 2  - Hydration Point 2
Hotel Maharaja Phaltan 


Day 2 - Lunch Location 

Hotel Shivar Garden (Just before Before Lonand )

Day 2 - Hydration Point 3

Hotel Aagatya after Jejuri 



Thank you ICC team wari for this information.