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'गिरी शंभर' , कधी न विसरणारे (Story of 1st Century Ride with ICC)

Story of First Century Ride 100km

Before reading my blog, I just want to tell you that today first time I have achieved 100km with good average speed and marked my 1st Century Ride.

Event schedule for 16th April Sunday by Indo Cyclist Club,

Start point Ravet (5.30am) Basket Bridge to Kamshet.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Riders: Giri, Ajit, Gaju, Deepak, Anushe, Rohit, Gunvant, Avinash, Akshay, Sanjay, Shoil, and lovely bikes.

Ride Story ( Century Story ):

Active ICC Ride - Cycling Running Cycling at Pune University

Indo Cyclist Club Daulthon Event ( Cycling & Running ) - Giri's Blog

Before you go and read my blog, I just want to share that today by attempting this event i have completed:

First time Dualthon

First time crossed 400+ km rides in single month.

First time average speed 24kmph on hybrid

First time 5km effective running

First time ride to Pune university with ICC members

Event starts at 5.45am from as usual icc favorite start point Ravet Basket Bridge (tilak bridge). 

Active ICC Ride - Cycling Swimming at Jadhavwadi Dam (Induri Village)

ICC Cycling Swimming Ride - My blog. #giriblog

Event notification received and interested members confirmed for Sunday ICC Active Ride for May.

Type: Dualthon

Category: Beginner to Expert with safety equipment as mandatory.

Ride starts at 5.30am from Ravet Bridge, ICC energy filling station for any Ride. I was the first who reached at start point and then all assemble. Vishi took a call to start the ride. Route was known to most of the members due to multiple rides at Bhandara Dongar sprints.