Active ICC

Dear Members,

We have created another group as “ Active ICC”
Purpose of this group …
1) Only active member can take membership of this group.
2) A task to make members more n more fit and hoping a healthier life ahead.
3) Making them habituate for daily exercise.


Qualification for member ship

1. 200 km cycling or 50 km running or 5 km swimming in one calendar month.
2. Based on submission of data proof membership will be granted.

Once Qualified for membership, following rule have to be fulfilled by every member.

A. Membership fee – 100 INR per month.

B. Cycling 500 km / 100 km running / 10 km Swimming
300 km cycling + 50 km running + 3 km swimming
80 km running + 4 km swimming
400 km cycling + 30 km running
350 km cycling + 4 km swimming

1) 2nd Sunday and 4th Saturday will be compulsory ride days, members to confirm either of the day for ride. If any member attend both ride will be benefited with more points rather member who attended only one ride.

2) Being the first month of Active ICC, We allow other members who could not on attend 24th sept compulsory ride. They have to join Oct month 1st ride. But this system will not repeat any time in future.

3) Attending both rides in the month will give 2 bonus points for members. Attending only single ride will not attract any bonus point.

4) Felicitation for previous month 1,2,3 position will be done at the end of the 1st ride of the next month .i.e for September position felicitation will be done on 2nd Sunday of October.

5) Being we are an non profit making organization, From the money collected every month, 50% will be utilized for gifting and remaining 50% for tea & biscuits in both the rides and if balance kept in the ICC ACTIVE account.

6) As suggested that 4th Saturday ride should be 100 km ride, which all agreed, so we keep this point. But if any body unable to complete 100 will not be an obligation.

7) ICC ACTIVE accounts will be handled by Ajit patil, yatish Bhatt and Anil ji.

8) Whom to select 1,2,3 . What we finalized a methodology …….SHARING AN EXAMPLE …….if we are a group of 20 members, and we select 1,2,3 position in a month, so next month we shall select 1,2,3 from balance 17 members so on, so it will boost each and every member to try for position and we restart the procedure if balance are only 3 or less members ( So no body should think that one fine day we shall get position). After restart again the same system will take place

9) In case any member is unable to complete his monthly target. But he completes his qualifying target, So he wont be consider in the selection criteria for 1,2,3 position…

It means …I was supposed to cycle 500 km but did 499…I failed in that month. So I wont be able to participate in selection procedure. But I still qualify for my membership criteria.

10) As we have suggested and decided that we are going to select best 3 of the month… make it more practically…we have created few rules as below, So who ever score more points will be selected as 1,2,3 position. As time passes we keep on refining the rules to be more practical.

11) Best of best 3 will be selected based on the yearly data and team will working on that.

Its an challenge ….lets see how many can take this…..

Welcome to Active ICC💐💐


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