Active ICC

Dear Members,

We have created another group as Active ICC
Purpose of this group …
1) Only active member can take membership of this group.
2) A task to make members more n more fit and hoping a healthier life ahead.
3) Making them habituate for daily exercise.


Qualification for membership 

1. 200km cycling or 50km running or 5 km swimming in one calendar month.
2. Based on submission of data proof membership will be granted. 
Once Qualified for membership, any member have to complete following targets to participate in quarterly rankings.

A. Membership fee – @50 INR i.e 600 per year, only yearly fees will be accepted.
B. Cycling 500km / 150 km running / 15km Swimming 
C. Or in any combination , but your points total must be minimum 60 to remain in compitition.

1) 2nd Sunday and 4th Saturday will be compulsory ride days, members must attend both rides or atleast one ride to remain in compitition. Only by attending both ride attract bonus point as 4...No bonus point for single ride.

3) Felicitation for previous quarter for 1,2,3 position will be done in first month of next quarter .

July - Aug - Sept ...Winner will be felicitated in Oct

4) Being we are an non profit making organization, your contribution will be 600 per year. As per accounts details shared 

5) Incase any member is unable to complete his monthly target. But he completes his qualifying target, So he wont be consider in the selection criteria

Revised Point system for ICC ACTIVE CLUB

From month of July 2017, any member can get additional points based on their performance ...Like

For example : If any members cycling average speed of last month is 31km/ hr and In the next month he improve to 32km/hr This means 3.22% improvement ...

What ever % improvement wlll be there, it will be multiplied by ..
1) Cycling = x 5 = 3.22x5 =
2) Running = x 7 = 3.22x7 = 
3) Swimming = x10 = 3.22x10=

This will be applicable both wise ....It means .If speed reduces from 32 to 31 ... Same rule....points will be reduced accordingly . 

Advantage : 
1. Members will be encouraged for improving their performance on month to month basis
2. To get additional point member must be one month old in the group, It means if some body join in June 1st week, he can get advantage of additional points after July performance. As June and July data will be compared.
3. This will help to move in positive direction. For creating good performer.
4. From July onwards, There will be change in system for selection criteria, it will be based on the performance of member. 
5. Members who are commutating office will have additional benefit in points system as below 
6. Every 3 months there will be 1.2.3 position based on their performance .
7. You must be a strava member and join icc group on strava for your monthly data retraction. Your data will be verified by team member.
8. We may come up with the plan for a race in any one catagory .As below Cycling, Swimming and running.
9. Out station or other state member...Also can be part of this group...

Condition : They must ride on compulsory ride date and time ...

If they become winners..Their prizes will be couriered to their address..

Qtrs will be as below 

July - Aug - Sept
Oct - Nov - Dec
Jan - Feb - March
April - May - June

If any member join in Aug...Month...He has to compete in points system of quarter...It means he will have to work extra for a month ...To come in line with other months ...It means...Aug and sept ..They must earn minimum 80 points ...

Its an challenge ….lets see how many can take this…..

Welcome to Active ICC

Video of Intro of Active ICC