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ICC is socio-Environmental non profitable government registered organization based on three fundamentals Heath , Environment & Fun, also aim to focus for promotion of fuel free transportation in our country and aiming to spread it across borders throughout the world.

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  • Gajanan Khaire ( Founder President )
  • Vishvakant Upadhyay (Founder Vice President )
  • Abhijeet Londhe (Founder Secretary)
  • Ajit Patil ( FounderWorking President )
  • Ganesh Bhujabal (Founder Treasurer)
  • Yatish Bhatt ( Founder Creative Head )
  • Amit Kharote (Founder IT/Media Head )



  • Ajit Patil ( President )
  • Ganesh Bhujabal ( Vice President )
  • Vishvakant Upadhyay ( Secretary )
  • Gajanan Khaire ( Working President )
  • Abhijeet Londhe ( Treasurer )
  • Yatish Bhatt ( Joint - Secretary )
  • Amit Kharote ( Joint - Treasurer )



    • Dr. Suhas Mate
    • Anil Mengshetti
    • Annaray Biradar
    • Subhash Jaisinghani
    • Dr.Abhijeet Pharande
    • CA Anil Agarwal
    • Dr. Vijay Satav
    • Mohanji Karpe



    • Purva Mengshetti
    • Shreyas Patil
    • Shriram Rai
    • Prashant Tayade 
    • Deepak Naik
    • Ajay Murtekar
    • Ashish Pednekar 
    • Shankar Unecha
    • Vishal Bhujbal
    • Ajit Gore
    • Avinash Chougule
    • Umesh Golande
    • Manoj Shedbalkar
    • Mandar Jangam
    • Aviansh Anuse 
    • Kapil Patil
    • Amey Mudgal

    Vision and Mission Document of Indo Cyclist Club (ICC)

    Vision – 
    Our vision of Indo Cyclist Club (Formerly Pimpri-Chinchwad Cycling Club/Association) is a vibrant organization in country spreading acreoss boarders , Connecting Sports entusiast people who can safely enjoy all sports specially cycling, Running , trekking & swimming.
    Mission – 
    Our mission is to affect and support change for our country as a better place in world by Promoting cycling as an activity with significant health, social, environmental, cultural and economic benefits being a Champion (The Voice) for cycling and cyclists in INDIA.
    Aims and Objectives –
    1. To change public perceptions of running/cycling/Swimming/Trekking and it's role within a Living City
    2. To change policies and regulations for the benefit of Cyclists/Runner and other sportsman.
    3. To work for change the physical infrastructure on our city’s roads and public spaces.
    4. To become a more effective organization with dedicated socio-environmental responsibility.
    5. To promote “Cycle to Work” which would substantially reduce the pollution levels while contributing to better physical well-being of the commuters.
    6. To spread a message of go green by promoting emission free equipment’s also by more & more tree plantation all over the country.
    7. Use of cycles & spreading awareness throughout the nation by visiting school, colleges & companies to create policy for increasing usage of cycle within student / employees.
    8. Environmental protection is an integral consideration in government policies concerning natural resources, human health, energy, transportation, agriculture, industry, and international trade, and these factors are similarly considered in establishing environmental policy.
    9. Environmental protection contributes to making our communities and ecosystems diverse, sustainable and economically productive.
    10. We plays a leadership role in working with other nations to protect the global environment.