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Information about Ghorwadeshwar

‘Ghorwadeshwar’ (मराठी: घोरवडेश्वर) is near Somatne Phata, Most of the times we ICC friends visited this place.Many times started early in the morning and Cycle till Ghorwadeshwar base and start climbing the mountain.

There are stone steps till the half way and rest of the steps construction is still in progress. It was good trek and we climbed the mountain to reach the top. Total 11 caves and many water tanks date back to 3rdor 4th century. There is a Chaitya gruha which has 3 small rooms dug on left side, 4 on right side and similar 2 on back side. The main stupa is now turned into ‘Ghorwadeshwar’ temple. The sabha mandap is big to accomodate devotees. The Gabhara is extension to it and has no door. you will found the shivlinga quite unique in shape from the rest. The base of this shivlinga is squared and not circular in structure. Some of the wall has carved messages in Brahmi lipi.

The panorama of Shelarwadi, Dehu, Talegaon, Somatane was on front side and on back side there were traces of concrete jungle in Hinjewadi.  On the left hand side there is another cave temple dedicated to Saint Tukaram. There is huge yatra here on ‘Mahashivratri’. Thousands of devotees climb up to take darshan on this auspicious day.

We trace the back side route i.e Gahunje stadium side and selected it for our Hike & Bike as thinking in mind that it will avoid Highway for cyclist & also Little hard & long route for trekkers , Being charity event we didnt want to keep fees High so as decided by core team we kept fees 200 for Men & 150 for women & children

For your rest curiosity of how we arrenge event & take care of all things please visit you tube video

Last Year video of Ghorwadeshwar Bike & Hike 2017 - Ghorwadeshwar Hike & Bike 

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